TOPTEN ITF Glossy Block

If you really want to score in pointfighting, then you are well advised to work with the open hands gloves “Glossy Block ITF”. The series goes back to the valued Pointfighter series and has been innovatively upgraded with thoughtful details. Particularly striking is the circa 2 cm thick ring around the wrist. This robs punches your impacteffectively protecting your wrist from serious injury. The gloves are molded from proven PPS foam in one piece and are already produced with an anatomically perfect initial curvature of the fingers. Automatically, your hands will take the optimal stroke position and you can dynamically distribute your power over the glove. Arubber band, as well as the extra strong and rounded hook and loop fastener, ensure a firm hold. The unmistakable imitation leather gloss of the “Glossy Block ITF” not only makes the prints shine.

Additional advantages:

  • animal-friendly artificial leather
  • Inner lining made of ASL Antislip material
  • PPS foam
  • excellent damping properties

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