FUJIMAE Open Gloves Leather

High-protection open glove, with uncovered palm of the hand; made of leather on the outside and leatherette on the inside, its inner padding is made of PU mold. The fastening is made through an elastic band with Velcro on the wrist area.  It is ideal for high.-intensity trainings and competition. It’s approved by the International Taekwon-do Federation.

• ITF approved
• Outside: leather; inside: leatherette
• Injected PU mold padding
• Fastening made with an elastic band with Velcro
• Fists and wrists protection
• Ideal for high-intensity trainings

SKU 20183A
Product Open Gloves. Leather. ITF Approved
Composition Leather + Artificial Leather + Injected PU mold
Available sizes S – M – L -XL

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