FUJIMAE Head Guard Rubber Shock

Taekwon-do ITF helmet made of PU with ‘rubber shock’ technology that offers a padding that softens the impact, its shape protects: forehead, ears, cheeks and the top of the head; ideal for vertical impacts. On the chain and the backside there is a fix elastic Velcro band that adjusts the helmet to the head. It has some holes and openings all over the surface to ease air circulation. Fuji Mae recommends using helmets to prevent injuries during the trainings. ITF approved.

• ITF approved
• Made of PU with ‘rubber shock’ technology
• Partial protection of the head
• Velcro fastening on the chin and the back
• Ideal for high intensity trainings and competitions.

SKU 21634A
Product Head Guard. Rubber Shock. ITF Approved
Composition Polyurethane
Available sizes S – M – L

21634A_500 21634A_900 21634A_main