FUJIMAE Foot Protector PU

Toes and instep protection for different kind of martial arts made of leatherette and PU mold. It is single-pieced which makes it very pleasant.  On the inner extreme it has two elastic bands to adjust the guard to the toes; while a big elastic Velcro band fixes the protection to the feet.

• Single-pieced made of leatherette and PU
• Toes and instep protection
• Elastic Velcro fastening
• Ideal for high-extreme intensity trainings and competitions

SKU 21703
Product Foot Protector. PU
Composition Artificial leather + PU mold
Available sizes XS – S – M – L – XL
Colors Blue – Black – Red
Discipline Taekwon-Do ITF – Light – Semi Contact – Kick – thai Boxing – K-1 – Full Contact

protector-pie-polipiel protector-pie-polipiel1 protector-pie-polipiel2