logo_granmarcThe name of the company, GRANMARC, arises from its creators Ricardo Grande and Vincent Marcone, both followers of martial arts, co-practice. Faced with the need for protective elements, 25 years ago, comes the anxiety of developing the first products.

The background of good quality products that were in the market were of foreign origin, and analyzing them, an investigation took place that led to its founders to a tireless work through multiple trials. And thus came to the first prototypes.

With household systems of production manual Vincent Marcone and Ricardo Grande saw the first results, which were tested by top-level martial artists. After years of work and countless amendments GRANMARC achieved, with technology purely national protections of the highest quality of internationally recognized today by martial artists from around the world.

Since its inception in a small workshop in their homes for only 15 mts. Square, today GRANMARC has a manufacturing plant of 2000 mts. square and employs more than 30 families, producing more than 100 items among which are, protections, clothing and accessories of top quality becoming a favorite among the great brand in the market.

With constant innovation and continuous development in articles for martial arts and contact sports, joined the direct contact of the most prominent athletes of different disciplines, GRANMARC works to meet the most demanding needs of the martial artists


TopTen_Logo1TOP TEN brand was formative for the history and development of martial arts and it will continue to be a trendsetter. Especially head guards and gloves that were developed in the 80’s set highest standards and are till today point of reference.

They combine G. F. Brückner’s proficiency in the sport and the know-how of experts in medicine, sport and technology.

Highly elastic materials are employed to reduce the power of the impact and therefore to minimize the risk of injury.


Fuji_triangle_vectorMore than 30 years’ experience in the Martial Arts field helped us become one of the leading companies in the sector.

FUJI MAE   always remains in a privileged position in the domestic and international markets, thanks to our commitments:

To assure our product meets the highest standards.

To offer a wide range of products that  satisfy all our clients´ needs.

Maintain vast stock range  in our warehouse  to ensure excellent service.

Offer an opportunity to customize kits for Federations, Associations, etc.
Assure you always have expert staff available to advise you on your purchase.Offer personalized customer service before and after the sale.


Mightyfist – who are we?

mightyfistHeadquartered in Cupertino, California, USA in the heart of Silicon Valley. Synonymous with the high tech industry that surrounds us, we produce the most advanced ITF Approved equipment you can buy. We provide fast and efficient worldwide delivery from our two distribution centers in California ( and France ( All staff at Mightyfist are ITF Taekwon-Do practitioners. We use our doboks and sparring gear in the dojang, at IICs and in competition so we can stand 100% behind our products knowing they are the best.

Our flagship product is the Mightyfist Matrix. The lightest ITF approved dobok on the market – perfect for sparring making you lighter and faster than your competition. The best fit and cut, helping you to achieve perfection in patterns. Even at weigh in, we give you the competitive edge with the lightest ITF approved dobok pants ever produced.

Don’t settle for the mass produced polyester doboks that stick to you when you work hard. Our unique polycotton blend Mightyfist Matrix material gives you the comfort to keep going without distraction. It’s so comfortable that students, instructors and masters alike wear our doboks for every day training.

Our goals?

Let’s just say right now, we’ll leave being the biggest vendor and making the most money to the other guys. That’s what they’re good at.

Our goals are:

  • To bring the best technology to market
  • To create the best products for ourselves and everyone else to wear
  • To serve and support our ITF
  • To provide the best customer service and delivery times
  • To help you become champions!

And hey, if we can sell some of our gear along the way to make your and our dreams come true then let’s do it!

So who are we? We are ITF students and instructors. We are ITF competitors. We are Mightyfist Taekwon-Do!